As we boarded the penultimate flight from SriLanka to India, I had mixed feelings. The number of deaths were on the rise and new COVID-19 cases were being reported each day across the globe. Finally, in the wee hours of 22nd March 2020, I reached Mumbai just in the nick of time. Luckily, I had not got the home quarantine stamp on my hands but there was a fear as to whether I would be allowed entry in our housing complex considering the return from a foreign land. The following day the lockdown was officially announced! 😷

(Lockdown starts)

I could have never imagined such a situation. No shops open. All educational institutions, private offices shut. Not even a single person on the street. A bizarre situation! 😟. They say in life we have to move on, but for once the whole world had almost come to a stand still. Social distancing had become the so-called buzz word. Everyone started working from home and my story wasn't anything different. While major IT companies continued to operate from home, the workload suddenly doubled. Many lost their jobs, some resigned while only a handful remained optimistic in such bad times. Being an optimist, I knew that, like everything in life, this too shall eventually pass.

When you hear about the shortage of oxygen cylinders, unavailability of beds, one definitely feels sad and feels the urge from within to contribute and provide help. I had a similar feeling too. I believe one needs maximum support during the bad times as that's what determines the true strength of any relationship.

(What I learnt during lockdown)

After a month of lockdown, change was inevitable. In order to come out of a sedentary lifestyle, I decided to go for an early morning walk everyday followed by some Yoga at home. I also started teaching myself guitar and reading a lot (which normally I don't do) to my surprise. I even went on and self-published my second poetry book titled 'Cache Miss'. The lockdown not only helped me to understand myself better but also to come out of my comfort zone. Although the initial days were tough, with time everything started feeling good.

(Hope for a better tomorrow)

During this pandemic, we all have experienced a range of emotions, such as feeling anxious, sad, depressed, angry or lonely. For those of who have lost a loved one during the pandemic, it may be harder to grieve. Let's spend a moment to thank all the doctors, healthcare workers for their commitment and sacrifices. Here's hoping that just as any obstacle in life, together we can overcome this pandemic too! 😄