Picture this!

An ex-NASA pilot embarks on a space mission along with a team of researchers to find a new planet for humans leaving behind his 10-year-old daughter Murph (played by Jessica Chastain), 15-year-old son Tom and father-in-law.

Interstellar is a science fiction film directed by Christopher Nolan that explores the psychological and emotional state of a man whose life revolves around his space journey and family. The movie also depicts the love and admiration a daughter has for her father who promises her that he will return back (which he eventually does!)

For someone like me who has watched the movie multiple times until now, here are three main reasons to why one should consider watching it :

Background music

Hans Zimmer has composed the film score and is undoubtedly one of his best work so far. The background music is one of the significant soundtracks I have ever heard and continues to give me goosebumps everytime I watch the movie.

Science facts explained well

Caltech theoretical physicist Kip Thorne was hired as an executive producer and scientific consultant on the movie to ensure that 'Interstellar' closely resembles the 'real world' science especially when talking about worm-holes and black-holes. The scenes that talk about Professor Brand's (played by Michael Caine) gravity equation, the never ending debate of marrying relativity with quantum mechanics required the intervention of a science researcher for grabbing the attention of the cinema audience. At the end of the day, some may argue with the accuracy of the facts in the movie but it's fiction after all, isn't it? 🤔

Father-daughter love

In the movie Joseph Cooper (played by Matthew McConaughey) says that love is one thing that transcends dimensions of space and time. This proves to be right as he finally re-unites with his elderly daughter (played by the invaluable Ellen Burstyn) who is now more than eighty-years-old, and is so happy to meet her father. At the end of movie, she shows him the same watch that he had given her before he left for space.

Interstellar bagged the Academy award for 'Best Visual Effects' and was nominated for four other categories including original score and sound editing. It was also awarded numerous accolades, including ASCAP Film and Television Music Award, British Academy Film Award, Critic's Choice Movie Award, and Visual Effects Society Award among others.