The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step! πŸ˜„

Solo traveling can be fun especially when you have planned it well. In the month of April 2019 when all my efforts in convincing my friends for an international tour had gone in vain, I decided to take up the solo path and started planning for my next trip. Apart from the basics like choosing the right destination, booking the right accommodation, scouting for cheaper flights and so on, there are also certain things that one needs to keep in mind while planning a solo trip. They are as follows:

Learn the basics of the language

I would recommend solo travelers to learn a few basic words of the local language of the country that you are traveling to before you embark on your journey. It can come handy especially when you move out of the airport waiting for a local cab or bus. Most visitors who don’t speak the language struggle to communicate even the simplest things to locals. On the other hand, knowing the language is considered one of the best ways to experience the culture of the country.

Prepare a good itinerary

One of the most things to keep in mind while traveling is to prepare a precise itinerary that would include the places to cover on a particular day, best possible means of transportation to reach the places, activities to do at the place. Always have a backup plan for each of the days just in case nature decides to play spoilsport πŸ˜€

Carry what is only required

When traveling solo you might get the occassional stare and hence one should avoid drawing attention to yourself. Please try to leave all your valuables at home and do not forget to carry your passport or a valid identity proof.

Leverage technology wherever needed

While technology is available at your disposal, ensure that you use, download and understand the app in advance. One can save a lot of time using technology if used wisely. When it comes to maps, I would recommend downloading them beforehand so that it can be accessed when you are offline.

Safety and self-confidence

Your safety is always of prime importance. People will be there to guide you and help you but one needs to be extremely careful at the same time. There might be moments where you feel scared or unsure, but trust me this is a normal feeling. Going on a solo trip is a courageous decision in itself. So please be confident and enjoy every moment!

If you have any travel tips or solo travel stories please feel free to share them in the comments section below πŸ˜„