Hi everyone!

Impostor syndrome is very common these days and can affect anyone irrespective of gender, age or social status. According a recent study, 9 to 82% of people experience impostor syndrome. Believe it or not, impostor syndrome is for real and affects the lives of many. For those you who might want to know more about the origins of this syndrome I would recommend reading this paper.

Common signs of impostor syndrome

  • Self doubt
  • Fear that you won’t live up to expectations
  • Self sabotage & negative thinking
  • Crediting your success to external factors

It's important to identify these signs as early as possible and learn to deal with them using effective techniques. Here are some of the common ways to help deal with impostor syndrome:

Avoid being a perfectionist

People suffering from impostor syndrome are usually high achievers and think like a 'perfectionist'. This can have a negative impact when you start comparing yourself to someone 'perfect' knowing that reaching the standards set by that person are almost unrealistic. Striving for perfection is fine but always being perfect proves to be unproductive.

Talk to others

Do not think you are alone. Make it a point to have a good phone call or chat with someone who knows you and supports you can help you realize that your imposter feelings are normal but also illogical.

Think about your achievements

Any achievement whether big or small is always memorable. Be it an email from your superior at work applauding your efforts, or a thank you card received from a close friend whom who haven't met for long. These are things that can remind you of your achievements in moments when you feel low. It's better to always keep them in front of you so that you can see it on a day when nothing's going right.

(and finally ..)

Believe in yourself

Self-doubt can be very harmful in the long run. Self-sabotage influences the stress and anxiety levels. Trust yourself more than anything and try practicing positive self-talks in order build the courage to do things that would eventually bring you good rewards. 😄